This year, I'll be attending the Google I/O conference in San Francisco, on May 28 - 29.

This is actually one of the few conferences left, I'm still interested in, as it represents the bleeding edge of everything Google does, and its focus on development of solutions. I've attended a lot of developer conferences over the years, and most of them tend to be on a overly simple level to be really useful. However, I/O seems to have multiple levels, which makes it a perfect fit for me.

Also, I'm usually quite fond of Apple, and would still like to attend WWDC, but I must admit Google is growing on me. Having worked with them on our support for Chromecast at TV 2 PLAY, it's clear that they've moved quite a bit beyond producing webservices, and towards doing a lot to get developers excited about their platforms.

I'm looking forward to meeting some of the people working on the Google Cast technology, which I think is one of the most promising technologies in media streaming at the moment - due to its simplicity in implementation, and its ease of use for consumers. And hopefully get at glimpse of the next generation in Cast and Android TV ;)

Anyway, if you're attending I/O or you're in the neighborhood and want to discuss something - let me know!